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Redwings Horse Sanctuary

It all began with the rescue of a single pony in 1984. From that one life saved, Redwings Horse Sanctuary has become the UK’s largest horse sanctuary with over 1,500 rescued horses, ponies, donkeys and mules cared for every day at its farms across the country.


Redwings believes every equine has the right to a happy and healthy life, free of fear and neglect – and everything the registered charity does is 100% funded by donations from the public.


Although its headquarters are based in Norfolk, Redwings operates nationally with its rescue team working tirelessly to save mistreated equines and bring them to safety. No matter how complex their health or behavioural needs, every horse or donkey is offered a loving home for life at the Sanctuary – it’s one of the things that makes Redwings so special!


Thanks to the generosity of supporters, Redwings operates its own Horse Hospital with an X-ray room and operating theatre, as well as intensive care stables. Using ethical training techniques, our highly-skilled Behaviour team also help our new arrivals – many of whom are semi-feral or have endured terrible neglect – settle into life at the Sanctuary and learn to trust humans again.


On top of Redwings’ rescued residents, a further 700 horses and ponies live on permanent loan in loving Guardian homes. By helping those horses who are able to enjoy happy and healthy lives outside Redwings’ paddock fences find new homes, more space is created within the Sanctuary for the charity to help more equines in need.

How you can help

There are two ways you can help the charity with Recycle Ink.  We will have a number of locations where we have collection boxes for recycling empty ink cartridges.  We're just getting things ready at the moment and will list the locations here once the boxes have been put in position.  In the meantime you can send your empty ink cartridges for recycling by clicking below and ticking Redwings on the submission form we will send you.


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