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Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Who succeeded Queen Elizabeth I to the throne? What is Rebecca Rabbit’s brother called in Peppa Pig? Who is fifth in line to the throne?

Are you holding a charity pub quiz this month? Why not boost your success by recycling the ink cartridges you use? Or even shout out to your crowd to collect their own empties? A 2009 study estimated that there were 22,445 regular pub quizzes held in the UK. Imagine if we could collect a cartridge for every quiz held- that would make a huge difference to the amount of empties going to landfill! If you hold a regular quiz yourself, please do look at our previous blog to check out the most sustainable printers on the market. If you are attending a quiz in aid of charity this weekend, why not share this blog and start collecting empty ink cartridges today? Each one could be worth up to £1.50! Contact us today for support with your quiz!

quiz pub night charity fundraise recycle ink cartridges

How did you do? Answers:

King James VI of Scotland; Richard Rabbit; Prince Louis

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