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Keep This World Fantastic By Using Less Plastic!

Alexander from Nayland Primary School in Suffolk created this fabulous poster which adorns the school's Eco Team Notice Board. The children at Nayland School are now on their third round of collecting ink cartridges for recycling and refilling. The Eco Team are due to meet soon to discuss how to spend the £58 they raised from their collection.

As a teacher of fifteen years, I know whole-heartedly just how much impact the passion and dedication of children has on making our world a better place. I am humbled on a daily basis by the intelligence and humanity of youngsters- I often say that children are far more clever than us adults!

Do you have some wonderful art work to share with us? Send it to us and we will share it on our blog.

We just love this photograph of Alexander and his wonderful poster!

Members of Nayland Primary School's Eco Team collecting their fellow students' empty ink cartridges for recycling- every cartridge matters!

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